Learn Italian Online: New Approaches to Learning Italian Online: Central States Conference for the Teaching of Foreign Languages presentation March 9. 2018 by Kathryn Occhipinti, author of Conversational Italian for Travelers books. www.LearnTravelItalian.com.
Recorded live from the Italian-American Literati conference in June 2017, author and blogger Kathryn Occhipinti discusses how she came to write the Conversational Italian for Travelers books and her new methods for adults who want to learn Italian. Blogs discussed include Conversational Italian! on www.conversationalitalian.wordpress.com for beginning Italian and Learn Italian!
Learn the basics of how to conjugate, pronounce, and use these two important Italian verbs, which mean "to be" and "to have."
Learn how to conjugate Italian verbs abitare and parlare that end in -are, with emphasis on method and pronunciation.