This year's October 7, 2017 Honorees

Bruno Abate

Tocco Restaurant

Born in Naples, Italy and raised in Milan, Bruno Abate was inspired at an early age by his parents for his passion for food and fashion. His mother was an accomplished chef and his father was a tailor. Bruno opened his first company in Milan selling fish and caviar to high-end restaurants. His extensive travels around the world helped him appreciate fine food and design and eventually led him to Chicago, where he combined his passions. In Chicago, Bruno brought together his vision to marry authentic Italian cuisine with modern design when he opened his first restaurant Follia in the meat packing district and currently Tocco in Wicker Park. Today, Bruno brings his passion for food to young men from the Cook County Jail by teaching them the skills needed to get a job in the culinary world. His Culinary Mission for Change is inspiring the next generation of great chefs.



(30 May 2017) LEADIN Prisoners at a Chicago jail are serving gourmet Italian pizzas for their fellow inmates. It's part of a training programme to provide them with skills to get jobs after they are released.